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Future Care Planning Services

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our Future Care Planning website. Planning for the future of a loved one with a disability is an emotional and complicated task to take on. You do not have to face planning alone. 

Our professional and caring staff will guide you and your family as you navigate through these seemingly overwhelming service systems and provide you with peace of mind knowing the future is less of an unknown because you have called Future Care Planning Services. We appreciate your taking the first step, and look forward to being part of your journey.  

Jennifer Helmbold, M.P.A.
Future Care Planning Services

Our Mission

Future Care Planning Services provides comprehensive life care planning that promotes peace of mind for caregivers and their loved ones with disabilities by offering choices in key areas including financial, medical, legal, residential and other important services.


“Words cannot express my gratitude at navigating the complexities of the support systems out there. I realize full well that we are in no way done with getting my daughter the help she deserves.  Knowing that your organization is there is soothing and reassuring.  I fully intend to make a contribution to Future Care Planning, a hidden gem to families and individuals dealing with disabilities." –Judy Ann West


Core Values

  1. We believe each person has inherent dignity and inalienable rights. We utilize a person- and family-centered approach that respects cultural diversity and lifestyle differences in all our interactions. We believe life care planning is important for all persons with a disability. Planning should be provided in a nonthreatening, respectful manner.
  2. We believe a person with a disability should be as independent as possible and should determine the direction and content of her/his own life.
  3. We believe in collaboration and in the development of a user-friendly, community-based service delivery system.
  4. We believe in achieving excellence in all we do. We believe in continuous improvement through the use of ongoing consumer feedback, quality staff training and access to a comprehensive data and referral network.
  5. We believe earning the trust of those who come to us is essential to our success.
Future Care Planning Services, 1000 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620
CONTACT US PHONE 585-402-7840 FAX 585-210-4048
Future Care Planning Services is a partnership of Lifespan of Greater Rochester, Al Sigl Community of Agencies and ARC of Monroe County